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15 Well-know Metal Knob Brands In 2023

15 Well-know Metal Knob Brands In 2023

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Metal knobs are crucial parts in a variety of industries, including home furnishings and automobile uses. They are a highly sought-after accessory all over the world because of their usefulness, toughness, and aesthetic appeal. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of metal knobs and examine the top 15 companies that have become market leaders thanks to their creativity, dependability, and aesthetic appeal.

What Is a Metal Knob?

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A metal knob is a cylindrical, three-dimensional metal item. It is utilized in home and industrial products for aesthetic and functional reasons. A metal knob can be held and manipulated by hand to control doors, drawers, switches, valves, and more. Knurled knobs are easier to hold and turn. 

Mechanical motions, appliance settings, and gas or liquid flow are often controlled by knobs. Both aesthetic and utilitarian, metal knobs are valued. They come in various sizes, shapes, and patterns to suit different settings and styles. Home cupboards, doors, and kitchen appliances, as well as corporate and industrial gear and equipment, have knobs.

15 Best Metal Knob Brands In the World


TopKnobs is well known for its opulent and fashionable metal knobs that suit a variety of styles and tastes. Because they use high-quality materials, their knobs will last for a very long time. TopKnobs offers a huge selection of styles, materials, and sizes so that consumers may pick the ideal knob to match their interior design.


  • Wide range of designs for different interiors.
  • Premium materials increase durability.
  • Installing is simple.
  • Knobs are often included in hardware collections for consistency.
  • Cabinet hardware brand with a strong reputation.


  • Premium prices may not fit all budgets.
  • Minimalist and contemporary interiors may not fit some designers.
  • Limited in-store availability.


Amerock is a company that is renowned for its creative cabinet hardware, which includes a large selection of metal knobs. Amerock’s knobs are created with an emphasis on fusing practicality and aesthetics, and they are intended to offer personality and charm to every piece of furniture.


  • Innovative, trend-driven designs.
  • Good value without sacrificing quality.
  • Regularly-used finishes.
  • Good customer service and warranties.
  • Accessible through multiple shopping outlets.


  • Limited finish and material customization.
  • Some designs may not suit luxury interiors.
  • Sizes could be varied.


Shinyhandles is renowned for its unique and creative approach to designing cabinet hardware. Their metal knobs frequently include distinctive designs, minute details, and vivid finishes.


  • Artistic and unusual designs for a unique look.
  • Fine craftsmanship and detail.
  • Knobs may be interior design focal pieces.
  • Variety of finishes, including specialties.
  • Suitable for bold, unique things.


  • Designs may not appeal to traditional or subtle clientele.
  • Due to the beautiful designs, the premium cost.
  • Limited regional availability.

Hickory Hardware

Metal knobs from Hickory Hardware are available in a variety of traditional and modern styles. Their knobs are designed for adaptability and can easily match a variety of interior design styles.


  • varied design alternatives for varied tastes.
  • Various budgets are affordable.
  • Knobs generally match hardware for a uniform look.
  • Strong materials for longevity.
  • A wide retail network makes it accessible.


  • Some designs may lack the originality of other luxury companies.
  • Few modification possibilities for unique projects.
  • Heavy use may wear finishes.

Liberty Hardware

The brand Liberty Hardware is well-known for its stylish and practical cabinet hardware options. Their metal knobs come in a variety of designs and hues.


  • Affordable pricing suits budget-conscious buyers.
  • Designs for traditional, modern, and transitional spaces.
  • Easy installation.
  • Durable structure for regular use.
  • Hardware and home improvement stores carry it.


  • Designs may not be as detailed or sumptuous as high-end companies.
  • Few bespoke finishes are available.
  • Knob design can affect durability.

Baldwin Hardware

The names Baldwin Hardware and fine craftsmanship go together. Customers looking for a premium touch for their cabinets and furnishings frequently like them because of the elegance and refinement their metal knobs radiate.


  • Superior quality and detail.
  • Timeless patterns that enhance any space.
  • A variety of finishes, including solid brass.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Knobs’ lifetime warranties show their faith in their products.


  • Luxury prices may be out of reach for some buyers.
  • Some regions may have restricted availability.
  • Customization options for unique designs are limited.


Metal knobs are just one of the hardware solutions Emtek specializes in. Customers can customize their hardware using their products to match their particular tastes and creative ideas.


  • Plenty of finish, material, and style customization.
  • Quality materials for longevity.
  • Unique designs are adaptable to different styles.
  • Customer satisfaction and support priority.
  • Design process control is high.


  • Customers seeking rapid decisions may be overwhelmed by customization options.
  • Personalized design premium pricing.
  • Custom orders have extended lead times.

Schaub and Company

An exceptional selection of refined and elegant metal knobs is available from Schaub and Company. They place a strong focus on minute details, and their knobs are frequently regarded as works of art.


  • Fine craftsmanship and elaborate designs.
  • Individual styles that stand out.
  • Variety of treatments, including hand-applied patinas.
  • Usually part of bigger hardware sets for coordination.
  • Ideal for heirloom collectors.


  • Premium cost owing to handcrafted designs.
  • Limited in-store availability.
  • Designs may not suit the minimalist or contemporary decor.

Richelieu Hardware

A wide variety of metal knobs are among the many cabinet hardware options Richelieu Hardware offers. They accommodate a range of aesthetic choices, from conventional to modern.


  • Different designs for different styles.
  • Affordable prices for all budgets.
  • Continuously updating designs to follow trends.
  • Quality materials for durability.
  • Multiple retail channels.


  • Some designs may not be as luxurious as expensive brands.
  • Few modification possibilities for unique projects.
  • Design can affect durability.

Anne at Home

Metal knobs from Anne at Home are renowned for being beautiful and handcrafted. Their designs frequently include elaborate motifs that give cabinets and furniture a little fun and flair.


  • Unique, artistic designs.
  • Handcrafted, real quality.
  • Variety of finishes, including artisanal.
  • Unique pieces for customers.
  • Create attractive and functional hardware.


  • Limited regional availability.
  • Designs may not match all interiors.
  • Prices are higher because the products are handmade.

Jeffrey Alexander

A selection of metal knobs by Jeffrey Alexander combines traditional and modern styles. Their knobs frequently have elaborate finishes and features that give any room a touch of grandeur.


  • Traditional and modern design.
  • Low prices without sacrificing quality.
  • Variety of finishes and sizes.
  • Designing hardware collections together.
  • Distribution through retail establishments.


  • Designs may not be as original as artisanal brands.
  • Customization options for personalized projects are limited.
  • Finishes may wear out.


Metal cabinet knobs by Rejuvenation are renowned for their vintage-inspired designs. Their items frequently include classic designs that nod to earlier times.


  • Retro and vintage interiors for nostalgia.
  • Good quality materials and antique hardware finishes.
  • For renovation or historic spaces.
  • Hardware and lighting coordination for comprehensive design.
  • Attention to detail and genuineness.


  • Customers seeking ultramodern or minimalist styles may not like designs.
  • Limited finish selection compared to other brands.
  • Due to historical detailing, premium pricing.


Knobs and other handcrafted metal and glass hardware are among Sietto’s best-known products. Their designs frequently include eye-catching focus points made of brilliant colors and distinctive textures.


  • Unique designs that capture light and color.
  • Handcrafted, unique quality.
  • Glass-metal combinations are customizable.
  • Bold and vibrant accents for clients.
  • Emphasis on style and craftsmanship.


  • Limited regional availability.
  • Premium price for artisanal and glass elements.
  • Some designs may not match all interiors.

Du Verre Hardware

For its environmentally responsible approach to cabinet hardware, including metal knobs, Du Verre Hardware stands out. Their products frequently have outlandish and bold designs.


  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing.
  • Innovative designs that stand out.
  • Collaboration with famous designers on unique collections.
  • Different finishes for different styles.
  • Sustainable and socially responsible options for customers.


  • Traditional or classic interiors may not suit designs.
  • Unique and eco-friendly products command premium prices.
  • Limited availability compared to bigger brands.


Metal knobs are among the many cabinet hardware options that Hafele provides. They offer products that appeal to a variety of design tastes and are renowned for producing durable goods.


  • Wide range of styles, sizes, and finishes.
  • Affordable prices fit various budgets.
  • Reliable and sturdy.
  • User experience and functionality are prioritized.
  • Numerous stores and internet platforms.


  • Designs may not be as original as artisanal brands.
  • Some designs may lack luxury.
  • Customization options for personalized projects are limited.

Where to Buy Metal Knob?

Local Hardware Stores

Local hardware stores are wonderful for hands-on purchasing. These retailers carry a variety of metal knob brands and designs, allowing buyers to view and feel them before buying. The expert employees at these locations can also provide project-specific advice.

Home Improvement Centers

Customers seeking a choice of metal knobs visit Home Depot and Lowe’s. These stores offer many brands, designs, and finishes for different tastes and budgets. In-store displays of knob alternatives help clients see how the hardware will look in their environment.

Specialty Hardware Stores

Specialist hardware stores sell just cabinet hardware, including premium brands and artisanal designs. These boutiques generally provide high-end, unique items that larger retail chains may not carry, making them appropriate for customers with specialized design tastes.

Online Retailers

E-commerce has transformed metal knob shopping. Amazon, Wayfair, and Overstock make it easy to browse several brands’ styles. Customers may easily search by style, finish, and pricing. Online shopping lets one browse from home and has a wider selection than local stores.

Manufacturer Websites

Many metal knob brands have official websites where clients can shop. This choice offers the brand’s full designs, finishes, and sizes. To help buyers choose, manufacturer websites offer product details, user reviews, and inspiration galleries.

Interior Design Boutiques

Interior design boutiques offer metal knobs that match specific design aesthetics for a customized and individualized buying experience. High-end products and distinctive designs make these stores suitable for discerning shoppers.


Many client intentions drive the quest for the greatest metal knob brands in the world. Customers demand functional and sturdy hardware, while others want to add elegance or individuality to their interiors. Each brand has strengths and limitations for varied design tastes, budgets, and customization needs. The variety of styles from these 15 metal knob brands allows clients to pick the right hardware to enhance their homes and express their particular interests.

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