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15 Well-know Stone Knob Brands In 2023

15 Well-know Stone Knob Brands In 2023

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Stone knobs are a crucial part of architecture and interior design since they offer both practicality and aesthetic appeal. The appearance and feel of furniture, cabinetry, and doors can be considerably improved by these modest but crucial features. There are many options available in the world of stone knob brands, from traditional styles to cutting-edge inventions. The top 15 stone knob companies that have wowed the global market with their superb craftsmanship, quality, and style will be discussed in this post.

What Is a Stone Knob?

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Stone knobs are stylish and functional furniture and interior design hardware. Stone cabinet knobs and drawer pulls are additional names. It pulls cabinets, drawers, doors, and other compartments. Stone knobs made from natural or artificial stones are unique and typically luxurious. Stone knobs match rustic, traditional, modern, and contemporary styles. Their shape, size, and finish vary. Semi-precious stones include agate, quartz, marble, and granite. 

These materials make the knobs durable enough to withstand daily usage without losing their attractiveness. Due to the variety of stones, each stone knob has its own patterns, colors, and textures, making them functional art. Open storage and aesthetics are enhanced by these knobs. A colorful agate knob for an opulent closet or a clean and polished marble knob for a minimalist kitchen can provide natural beauty and refinement to interior spaces.

15 Best Stone Knob Brands In the World


Leading the stone knob market, HauteNature is renowned for its dedication to sustainability and cutting-edge style. Their knobs emphasize organic forms and textures and are made from recycled or ethically sourced materials. The stone knobs from HauteNature combine practicality with environmental awareness by bringing a little bit of nature indoors.


  • Sustainable designs appeal to eco-conscious consumers.
  • The innovative use of repurposed and natural materials sets them distinct.
  • Unique nature-inspired patterns.
  • Well-known for quality and craftsmanship.
  • The target niche market for ethical home accessories.


  • Compared to bigger brands, limited selection.
  • Premium pricing for sustainable sourcing and innovative designs.
  • Some regions may have restricted availability.


The names Anthropologie and creativity and bohemian style go hand in hand. Their stone knobs line features a variety of designs, from retro-inspired to modern. The knobs from Anthropologie offer personality and appeal to any room with their complex features and whimsical touches.


  • The variety of designs makes it appealing.
  • Fine craftsmanship and detail.
  • Artistic designs that express a brand.
  • Fits quirky and boho interiors.
  • Unique, handcrafted pieces attract customers.


  • Premium prices may deter budget-conscious buyers.
  • Some places or online markets may have restricted availability.
  • Few design customization options.


Stone knobs by Shinyhandles are a perfect synthesis of ancient craftsmanship and modern design. Their knobs are made from high-quality materials and come in a variety of finishes, making them ideal options for both traditional and contemporary settings.


  • Traditional and modern style appeals to many customers.
  • Diverse finishes and materials suit diverse designs.
  • Quality craftsmanship and durability assure product longevity.
  • Established a reputation for reliable and beautiful gear.
  • Optional customization for further personalization.


  • Prices may be higher than inexpensive brands.
  • Wide selection may overwhelm clients seeking specific designs.


With its handcrafted glass and stone knobs that give an alluring fusion of color and texture, Sietto distinguishes out. These knobs are an example of how art and functionality can coexist, adding a touch of class and originality to interior settings.


  • Colorful and artistic designs make it stand out.
  • Customers are seeking artisanal products like handcrafted.
  • Various design themes suit different patterns and colors.
  • Glass and stone create stunning creations.
  • A unique alternative to metal knobs.


  • Materials like glass may be more fragile.
  • Lack of availability or distribution channels may limit accessibility.
  • It may not suit minimalists.

Notting Hill Hardware

Luxury stone knobs from Notting Hill Hardware are renowned for their exquisite designs, which frequently include flowers, animals, and geometric shapes. These knobs add elegance and class to decor.


  • Luxury comes from intricate designs.
  • A wide variety of decorative motifs suits different tastes.
  • Made with high-quality materials.
  • Attracts high-end home decor buyers.
  • Tasteful and elegant furniture and cabinets.


  • Premium pricing may limit client access.
  • Limited selection for minimalistic or modern designs.
  • Every interior style may not suit intricate designs.

Myterra Gemstone Hardware

Natural gemstones are used to create stone knobs by Myterra Gemstone Hardware, producing stunning and elegant patterns. These knobs are real conversation-makers since they incorporate the elegance of nature with useful home decor.


  • Natural jewels create unique, exquisite items.
  • Appealing designs that showcase natural materials.
  • Combines semi-precious stone elegance with utility.
  • Customers are seeking interior showpiece pieces.
  • Adds elegance to areas.


  • Premium pricing for valuable materials.
  • Fewer customizing choices than other brands.
  • May not suit budget-conscious buyers.

Top Knobs

Top Knobs is known for its adaptability, providing a huge selection of stone knobs to suit a variety of style tastes. Their knobs offer stylish and practical options for cabinets and drawers, from rustic to contemporary.


  • Customers with different design tastes like variety.
  • Materials of high quality last longer.
  • Versatile interior themes and styles.
  • Known for reliability and craftsmanship.
  • Custom selections offer customization.


  • It might lack the creative appeal of niche companies.
  • Limited eco-friendly or sustainable design.
  • Location and market may affect availability.

Du Verre Hardware

Du Verre Hardware is notable for its partnerships with designers, which produce unique and avant-garde stone knobs. They are favored by individuals looking for avant-garde fashion since their designs frequently incorporate striking textures and unorthodox shapes.


  • Unique and artistic pieces result from designer collaborations.
  • Modern tastes prefer striking textures and shapes.
  • Market-leading designs are diverse and inventive.
  • Shows dedication to pushing knob design.
  • Appealing to statement-makers.


  • Not as commonly available as larger brands.
  • The premium cost for artistic collaborations and unusual designs.
  • Classic and conventional consumers may not be satisfied.

Edgar Berebi

With their stone knob creations, Edgar Berebi combines style and imagination. The elaborate patterns and pricey materials used to make the brand’s knobs are a testament to its attention to detail.


  • Elegant designs are the product of meticulous attention to detail and complex patterns.
  • Reflects a fusion of grandeur and skilled aesthetic creation.
  • Their goods’ durability is aided by high-quality materials.
  • Customers seeking elegant and beautiful accessories are catered to.
  • Gives cabinets and furnishings a touch of elegance.


  • Fewer options for styles compared to brands with a wider range.
  • Customers on a tight budget could be turned off by premium prices.
  • It may not support subtle or minimalist interior design.

Atlas Homewares

Stone knobs are available in a wide variety from Atlas Homewares to suit different design tastes. Their knobs offer a wide range of options for homeowners looking for individualized hardware solutions, from simple to baroque.


  • The diversity of designs appeals to customers.
  • Flexible interior styles and themes.
  • Product durability is assured by exceptional craftsmanship.
  • Customizable options enable customization.
  • Quality brand.


  • It may lack the creative appeal of niche companies.
  • Low sustainability and eco-friendly material focus.
  • Location and market may affect availability.

Martin Pierce

Martin Pierce specializes in nature-inspired stone knobs that capture the beauty of the outdoors. Their knobs often feature intricate depictions of animals, plants, and natural elements, bringing a touch of the wild indoors.


  • Unique nature-inspired patterns are distinctive.
  • Attention to detail creates exquisite knobs.
  • Adds nature and beauty to interiors.
  • Appealing to creative accent seekers.
  • The brand’s dedication to artistic craftsmanship.


  • Not as commonly available as larger brands.
  • Nature-inspired designs may not suit all interiors.
  • Premium cost owing to sophisticated and beautiful designs.

Rocky Mountain Hardware

Stone knobs from Rocky Mountain Hardware provide a homey, rustic appeal. Their knobs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also strong and long-lasting because they are made from solid materials like bronze and stone.


  • Specific interior design trends complement rustic and earthy designs.
  • Durability and dependability are assured by solid materials.
  • Gives interiors a little warmth and personality.
  • Reflects the emphasis on quality and craftsmanship placed by the company.
  • Appeals to those looking for natural and organic materials.


  • Design selection is limited compared to other brands.
  • It may not satisfy modern or sleek clientele.
  • The premium cost for high-quality materials.

Wisdom Stone

Stone knobs from Wisdom Stone come in a wide variety to suit different design tastes. Everybody can find something in their collection, which ranges from sleek and futuristic to ornate and classic.


  • A wide variety of designs pleases customers.
  • Versatile interior themes and styles.
  • Affordable prices make their items accessible to budget-conscious individuals.
  • Known for quality and reliability.
  • Shows dedication to design needs.


  • It might lack the creative appeal of niche companies.
  • Low priority on luxury designs.
  • Location and market may affect availability.

Richelieu Hardware

In its range of stone knobs, Richelieu Hardware fuses innovation with heritage. Their knobs include elaborate patterns and accents that pay respect to vintage aesthetics while adding modern aspects.


  • Classic and modern style appeals to many people.
  • Detail and craftsmanship are evident in intricate designs.
  • Versatile interior styles.
  • Known for solid hardware solutions.
  • Customization for more customized choices.


  • Might lack the aesthetic or unique appeal of niche companies.
  • Low sustainability and eco-friendly material focus.
  • Location and market may affect availability.


The brand Amerock’s dedication to quality and style is reflected in its stone knobs. Amerock provides a vast selection of stone knobs for both residential and commercial buildings, with a focus on strength and style.


  • Quality and design appeal to discriminating clients.
  • A diverse selection suits different designs.
  • Known for solid hardware solutions.
  • Durability ensures product longevity.
  • Selectable options for customization.


  • Might lack the aesthetic or unique appeal of niche companies.
  • Low sustainability and eco-friendly material focus.
  • Location and market may affect availability.

Where to Buy Stone Knobs?

Online Retailers

Digital is a goldmine for those looking for stone knobs. Online markets like Amazon, Wayfair, and Houzz have solutions for all tastes and budgets. Online platforms offer convenience, choices, and buyer reviews to help customers make selections.

Specialty Hardware Stores

Customers seeking customized service and skilled guidance visit dedicated hardware stores. These stores frequently have skilled employees that can help consumers choose stone knobs that match their design vision and practical needs.

Local Artisan Markets

Artisan markets, craft fairs, and Etsy connect stone knob makers with crafters who value quality and individuality. These platforms appeal to clients who value small companies and artisan interiors.

Home Improvement Centers

Home Depot, Lowe’s, and other big-box home improvement retailers attract clients seeking convenience and variety. Customers searching for practical cabinet and door enhancement options may like these stores’ familiarity and accessibility.

Manufacturer Websites

Online purchases from stone knob makers provide authenticity and access to their whole product line. Customers searching for knobs that are both attractive and durable frequently emphasize quality.


Customers seeking distinctive, useful, and visually beautiful hardware for their living spaces search for the best stone knob brand. Each of the 15 brands mentioned has pros and cons. These brands meet a variety of design preferences and consumer needs, including sustainability, creative design, durability, and versatility. Understand clients’ motives and objectives for interior enhancement as they look for the perfect stone knobs.

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