Pick Your Favorite Beach Themed Drawer Pulls and Knobs

Pick Your Favorite Beach Themed Drawer Pulls and Knobs

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Bring the Comfort and Aesthetic Of a Beachy Paradice Right To Your Home

Whether if you find your self living miles away from the beach in a urban city or relaxing at your ocean-side cottage, everyone’s living space can benefit from the coastal-inspired ambience that beach-themed drawer pulls and knobs to any interior.

Many consider the addition of these whimsical pieces to their home a essential part of creating a interior aesteitic that resembles a relaxing retreat for themselves away from the hectic hustle-and-bussle of everyday life – creating a soothing environment that is as calming as rhythmic waves crashing down on tropical sand.

Increase the Value Of Your Home

Decorating your living space with beach themed drawer pulls and knobs is a smart move for home sellers that can improve the sales price of their home by a average of 20%. Additionally, staging or interior deocrating has been shown to sell a home 3 to 30 times faster than non-staged properties.

Creative Designs

The last thing you can expect from beach themed drawer pulls and knobs  are a boring and lackluster look. One of the most designs are ones shaped as classic starfish and seashells.

Whether you choose a single big drawer pull for a miniature dresser or a collection of smaller pulls that you can decorate on every handle of your kitchen cabinets, these beach themes pieces also come in the designs of:

– Seahorses

-Ship Handles




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Quality and Prosten Material

Don’t allows the appeal of  beachy themed interior design make you think that these type of furniture pieces trade in style for quality. Considering how knobs and  drawer pulls are used almost daily alongside the note of how small and delicate these-beach themed pieces can be, manufacturers make it a priority to design these type of knobs and pulls with only the industry’s top quality materials.

Alot of beach themed knobs and pulls  that have a polished silver look are made with zinc alloy and brass which is a true upgrade from traditional handles that are made out of flimsy plastic.

Some nautical pieces are also built from material such as from ceramics before being painted with a beige or white coating. These type of designs most resemble the realistic look of seashells you’ll find on the coast and best blend in the natural colors and aestetic of your furniture.

Many manufacturers engage in the process known as multi-layer refined electroplating where multiple layers of different metals are applied to the surface of the knobs and pulls such as copper, nickel, and chrome. This ultimately increases their durability against wear and tear of use.

What You Can Expect When Purchasing Beach Themed Drawer Pulls and Knobs

Cabinet Knobs and/or Pulls

For bigger knobs and pulls that you plan to use for kitchen cabinets and cupboards, you can expect the size to typically have dimensions that range around 2.5″L x 2″W or 2 inches for both its length and width.

For smaller designs that are best built for small cupboards and nurseries, the dimenstions can be seen to be around one inches for the length and width or specifically 1.3″L x 1″.

Mounting Screws

With each pack of beach themed door knobes and pulls, you can expect to receive 2 to 3 different sizes of mounting screws. This allows you to be able to install these pieces on cabinets and furniture of different lengths and thicknesses. Screw sizes typically come in sizes of 21mm, 25mm, and 30mm.  

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A Seamless Installation

Since beach-themed drawer pulls and nobs are notriorous for their miniature size, its important to be very meticulous about measuring for the correct placement of these pieces on your furniture so that a hole can be properly drilled. Below are some high level steps you should consider for the installation process of a door knob.

  1. Attatch a backplate or rosette to the directly to the surface of the door. Make sure to align the backplate with the holes you’ve previously drilled within the door.
  2. Insert the spindle or latch into the opening of the backplate.

Postion the knob or handle on the other side of the door and try to align it with the spindle or latch. You can then insert screws into the holes of the door knob or handle and tighten the screws with a screw driver.

Considerations To Keep In Mind When Using Beach Themed Knobs and Pulls

Maintenance and Cleaning

It’s important to look for gentle solutions when you want to clean your pulls and door knobs . Avoid using solutions with a acid base such as vinegar which can cause discoloration or damage on certain materials like brass and copper. Additionally, make sure to dry your pieces thoroughly after they are cleaned with a solution inorder to prevent the potential for watermarks forming on the material.

The Finishing Type

A common mistake that’s made when upgrading drawer pulls  and knobs for your living space is not  matching the finishing type of these beach themed pieces with the finishing type of the rest of your furniture. Since beach themed pieces can come in more ranges of colors and finishes than the typical knob or pull, this finishing type consideration is especially important. As a rule of thumb, some common finishing types that pair well together include:

-Antique and Oil-Rubbed Bronze

-Polished and Glass – Reflective Looks

-Nickel and Satin

-Satin and Brushed

How Much Do Beach Themed Drawer Pulls and Knobs Cost?

If you choose to buy your cabinet pulls from Amazon, a pack of 4 can range form $13 to $37 depending on their size and material. Knob usually can come in pack sizes of 8 for around the same price range of cabinet pulls.


If you want your living space to transform into your own at-home tropical oasis that’s admired by family and friends and envid by party guest, consider replacing your worn out and underwhelming drawer bulls and knobs with beach themed pieces that can truly appeal to your inner seaside aficionado.

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